The Nasdaq Stock Market is also known as Nasdaq. It is an American stock exchange. This is located in New York City at One Liberty Plaza. Nasdaq has been ranked second in the stock exchanges list by the market capitalization of shared traded. This is behind the New York Stock Exchange in the list. The trade platform is owned by the NASDAQ Inc The company also owns the Nasdaq Nordic stock market network and many other US stock and options exchanges.

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History of Nasdaq

Nasdaq is also known as the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. It was founded by the National Association of Securities Dealers in 1971. NASD is now known as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.  

The Nasdaq stock exchange market began its operations as the first electronic stock exchange market in the world. It provided the quotation system and did not offer a way to perform the electronic trading and exchange.  This stock market assisted in lowering the difference between the bid price and the final price of the stocks sold in the market. This stock exchange trade reduced the profits of the brokers. The Nasdaq stock exchange becomes similar to a stock market over the years. This happened because it added the trade and volume report and automated trading systems that made trading much easier for the buyers and sellers.  It traded more than 35 percent of the securities market in the United States and its share kept on growing. 

In the late 1990s, it became the first stock market to trade online in the United States. Due to the reason that it held electronic trades, the Nasdaq stock market attracted several companies during that time. TheNyse vmw stocknews at . Market combined with the London Stock Exchange in 1992. This joint venture was done to formulate the first intercontinental link of the top capital markets. The National Association of Securities Dealers advised the Nasdaq Stock Market to create a public company in 2000. 

Market tiers 

The Nasdaq stock market has three different market tiers and that is the capital market, the global sector market, and the global market. You can find its trading schedule online. The Nasdaq stock exchange and the market operates over 253 trading days every year.